Dr. Abdi Mohamoud Siad

Department Staff - Academic Staff

Senior Lecturer

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Exploration geochemistry, Environmental Geochemistry, Chemostratigraphy, GIS, Remote sensing and Geostatistics

Short autobiography

  • Laurea (Geology) from Somali National University, Mogadishu, Somalia in 1982.
  • Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in Mineral Exploration from ITC, Delft, The Netherlands in 1987 and 1988, respectively .
  • PhD in applied Geochemistry from Technical University of Berlin, Germany in 1994.

Research Interest

  • GIS Prospectivity and subsurface geological mapping in lateritic covered areas: Integration of geochemical, geological and geophysical data.
  • Mineral exploration using infrared spectroscopy.
  • Remote sensing drill core characterization.
  • Application of hyperspectral remote sensing to mapping mine waste on Abandoned mines and contaminated land
  • Multi-temporal satellite images for forest reclamation monitoring in the abandoned mine areas


Current Projects

  • Application of Multivariate statistics and GIS to map groundwater quality and radioactivity in the Beaufort West area, South Africa.
  • Geochemical Characterisation of platreef lithologies and associated base metal sulphide and platinum group element (PGE) mineralisation, northern Limb of the Bushveld Complex.
  • Acid Mine Drainage Prediction Methodologies and Geochemistry Modelling Development


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A. Siad and G. Matheis (1992): Lateritic soil pattern above Late-Proterozoic meta-volcanic sequences in Nigeria: A geomathematical approach related to rare-metal mineralization. Abstract P. A103 " Geochemical Mapping Symposium" Goldschmidt Conference in Reston, Virginia 8-10, 1992.

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A. Siad (1989): Application of geostatistical techniques in the evaluation of Wabo uranium deposit, Galgudud region, central Somalia. ITC Journal 1989-1, Enschede.




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