Prof. Jan van Bever Donker

Department Staff - Academic Staff

Extraordinary Professor of Structural Geology


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2000 - 31/12/2011: Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Current research interest:

  • Structural Geology and neotectonics as it relates to the control of ground water. This project is currently under way in the arid Namaqualand area where groundwater appears to be controlled by specific fracture directions. Remote sensing techniques are employed to map ythe structures, followed by ground control to establish reliability of remotely sensed data.
  • Neotectonics as expressed in the deformation of the recently formed calcarrenites of the Bredasdorp Group in Southern Cape.

Selected Publications:

  • J.M. van Bever Donker 1980:Structural and Metamorphic Evolution of an Area around Kakamas and Keimoes, Cape Province, South Africa. Bull. Precambrian Res. Unit, Univ. Cape Town 28 (1980) 165 pp
  • Humphreys,H.C., J.M.van Bever Donker:1987Aspects of Deformation along the Namaqua Province Eastern Boundary, Kenhardt District, South Africa. Precam.Research, 36 (1987),pp 39-63
  • Humphreys, H.C.; Van Bever Donker, J.M.; Scott,W.D.; van Schalkwyk, L.1988 The Early deformation History of the Namaqua Province: New Evidence from Prieska Copper Mines. S.Afr.J.Geol., 91 (1988) pp 184 - 197
  • Humphreys, H.C. and van Bever Donker, J.M.1990 Early Namaqua metamoprphism: deformation and mineral growth in the low-pressure Zoovoorby Staurolite schists, Southern Africa Journ. of Metamorphic Geol. 1990,8, pp 159-170
  • van Bever Donker JM.:1991A sysnthesis of the structural geology of a major tectonic boundary between a 1000 m.y mobilebelt and a 3000 m.y. craton. Tectonophysics, 196 (1991) 359- 370
  • Andreoli, M A G; Doucour√©,M; van Bever Donker, JM; Brandt, D; and Andersen, NJB 1990 Neotectonics of SouthernAfrica - a review. Africa Geoscience Review 3 (1996) 1
  • J.M. van Bever Donker 1978 An estimation of strain rate on a major shear zone in the Kakamas - Keimoes area, Northern
    Cape Ann.Rep.Precambrian Res. Unit Univ. Cape Town. 14 (1978) pp 41 - 47
  • J.M.van Bever Donker 1981: The relationship between deformation and metamorphism in an area around Kakamas (NW Cape Province). Abstracts Geocongress '81,Geol Soc SA pp 213-215
  • J.M.van Bever Donker, R.N.Domoney, H.G.Swartz, H.C.Humphreys 1986: The interaction between the Kaapvaal craton and the Namaqualand metamorphic complex Abstracts Geocongress '86, Geol Soc SA pp 889-891
  • J.M.van Bever Donker, H.G.Swartz, R.N.Domoney, H.C.Humphreys 1988 Transpression, the dominant mechanism in the Kaapvaal-Namaqua collision? Abstracts Geocongress '86, Geol Soc SA pp 653-655
  • J.M.van Bever Donker 1990 Structural constraints on the Tectonic Boundary between the 1000 MY Namaqua Mobile Belt and the 3000 My Kaapvaal Craton. late abstracts Geocongress '90, Geol Soc SA pp 29-33
  • Van Bever Donker, JM and Andreoli, MA 1997:Neotectonics of the Cape Agulhas Area, south-western Cape Province, South Africa; evidence for late Cenozoic stress reorientation in the southern part of the African Plate. J. of Afric. Earth Sci., 27 (1A)(1998) p 2
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