EWP 311

Undergraduate Programmes - Environmental and Water Science Programme

ENV311  Environmental and Water Science 311                                           (30 credits) 

[Pre-requisite: COS114 or COS124]

Main Content:

  • Determination of aquifer parameters
  • Design and interpret pumping tests for aquifer assessment
  • Regional groundwater flow in geological formations
  • Groundwater flow to wells
  • Interpretation of numerical flow simulations for groundwater
  • Mechanisms of dewatering processes
  • Main chemical processes and reactions in aquifer systems
  • Basic concept of isotope applications in hydrogeology
  • Analytical and numerical simulation of groundwater flow
  • Basics of mass transport and contaminant transport in aquifers

Main outcomes: It is expected that on completion of this module student will be able to:

  • Explain methods used for aquifer characterization
  • Explain flow dynamics of groundwater in three types of boundary conditions
  • Interpret numerical flow simulations for groundwater
  • Realize that water resources naturally interact with the environment and are affected by anthropogenic influences
  • Explain chemical reactions and processes between water and rocks

  • Describe mass transport and contaminant transport in groundwater
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