EWP 321

Undergraduate Programmes - Environmental and Water Science Programme

ENV321  Environmental and Water Science 321                                                    (30 credits)

[Pre-requisite: COS114 or COS124] EWS 131, EWS132, EWS212, EWS 221, EWS311 or equivalent

Main Content: 

  • Different scales of water resources
  • Water resource development programmes
  • Methods of utilization of water resources
  • Concepts of sustainable development and management of water resources
  • Water resource protection concepts including Resource Directed Measures (RDM)
  • Concept of ecohydrology
  • General characteristics of water resources in Africa, especially in South Africa
  • Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) concepts

Main outcomes: It is expected that on completion of this module student will:

  • Identify different scales of water resources and illustrate water resource development and utilization programmes,
  • Interpret groundwater functions as hydrological, ecological and environmental system components
  • Illustrate methods of water resource protection
  • Explain the concepts of sustainable development and means of achieving integrated management of water resources

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