APG 322

Undergraduate Programmes - Applied Geology Programme

APG322  Geology 322                                                                                                                                         (30 credits)

[Pre-requisites: APG112 and (GEL211 and GEL221 and GEL212 and GEL222) OR (APG211 and APG212 and APG221 and APG222 AND APG311 and APG312]

Main Content: 

  •  Advanced geological mapping techniques
  • Structural analysis of geological data
  • Reporting geological data and report writing
  • Concept of Plate Tectonics
  • Stereographic projection methods and techniques in structural analysis
  • Mechanics of Plate Motions
  • Ductile and Brittle Deformation in the Crust and Mantle

Main Outcomes: Student should:

  • Become aware instinctively observe and vividly describe the occurrence and spatial arrangement of various types of rocks in the field
  • Record information collected in the field in geological maps at various scales.
  • Undertake an advanced structural analysis of data collected in the field.
  • Write geological reports on field mapping.
  • Understand the principles of geotectonics, and geotectonic evolution of the Earth.
  • Develop skills for the acquisition and analysis of structural geology data at regional and global level.
  • Have a conceptual understanding of global tectonic settings and associated Earth resources
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