APG 311

Undergraduate Programmes - Applied Geology Programme

APG311  Geology 311                                                                                                               (30 credits)

[Pre-requisites: GEL211 and GEL212 and GEL221 and GEL222 OR APG211 and APG212 and APG221 and APG222 ]


Main Content: 

  •  Database management, vector maps and raster maps,
  • Geological data and GIS,
  •  Application of GIS to geological industry,
  •  Basic elements in 2D and 3D geological models in geology,
  •  Introduction to computer modeling packages in applied geological industry,
  •  Construction of geological/geochemical/ maps and sections,
  •  Integration of geological maps and sections into 2D and 3D models related to element migration and hydrocarbon occurrence and flow dynamics.


Main Outcomes: Student should:

  •  Know the principles and applications of spatial and related techniques in geology,
  •  Develop skills for the construction of GIS raster and vector maps using geological data,
  •  Have a conceptual understanding of data management, data querying and spatial analysis,
  •  Understand principles of modeling geological processes and geological setting,
  •  Develop skills to integrate geological data into computer-based models; process and analyze and evaluate resulting images,
  •  Have a conceptual understanding of the application of geological models in the search for various Earth resources.
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